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Monday, January 16, 2006

Introducing the Author, Barry Traver


Barry Traver is an ordained minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He earned his M.Div. and his Th.M. in New Testament from Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. In recent years he served as Teacher at Pilgrim Church (OPC), Philadelphia and taught computer science part-time at City Center Academy, a ministry of Tenth Presbyterian Church (PCA), Philadelphia. He has been involved with online services and the Internet for many years, and currently is serving as Web Design and Technical Associate on the Web site of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

When he was active in the TI world (and had regular monthly columns in MICROpendium, Computer Shopper, and Vulcan's Computer Monthly and programs and/or articles published in such magazines as 99'er Home Computer Magazine, The Smart Programmer, and Super 99 Monthly, in addition to editing and publishing his own magazine-on-disk, the Genial TRAVelER), he served as a sysop on the "TI FORUM" on CompuServe and as bulletin board manager for the "TI RoundTable" on GEnie.

Later he became active in the IBM world and (while he was working for a company called Infonautics) served as bulletin board manager for all of the following: the Homework Helper bulletin board on Prodigy, the Electric Library bulletin board on MSN, the Research Zone bulletin board on AOL, and the discussion area for the Web site.

He has a special interest in "Christians and the Internet" and published a newsletter devoted to that topic from 2000 to 2004. This blog is intended to be a continuation of that project.

Barry Traver


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Thanks so much Barry. Come on over and check out my work boot reviews any time!


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